Spa Packages


Tuscany has so many options. In addition to frequent specials and promotions, we always have great spa experiences from which to choose, whether you are looking for a signature massage or a combination of other treatments.


Che Bella Gionna!

What a Beautiful Day

The Full-Day Exclusive Tuscany Experience

Exfoliate and hydrate your skin with a Peaches & Cream Body Scrub Treatment.

Discover relaxation and tension relief with a 90-Minute Swedish Massage.

Achieve Glowing Skin with the powerful and anti-aging Fire & Ice Facial.

Light & Flavorful Lunch

Sole Therapy

Aromatherapy Soak


6 Hours | $545


La Vita Bella!

Life is Beautiful

The Half-Day Exclusive Tuscany Experience

Renew your skin and spirit with an exfoliating Almond & Pumpkin body scrub treatment

Rewind the stresses and tensions of life with a full-hour Swedish massage

Restore your inner glow with a half-hour Tuscany Facial

Aromatherapy Soak

Light & Flavorful Lunch

3 hours | $325


Festival dell’Anima

Festival of the Soul

Be renewed!

Unwind in the sauna as the gentle warmth relaxes and cleanses the body, stimulating metabolism and the immune system.

Invigorate your skin with a cleansing and exfoliating scrub and your feet with thank you for the revitalizing foot mask.

Available in both 60- and 90-minute versions (choice of 30- or 60-minute Swedish massage)

60 Minutes | $150

90 Minutes | $175


Viaggio dell’Acqua

Water Journey

Release your mind and body as you absorb the warmth from the infrared sauna.

Cleanse and invigorate from head-to-toe with an exfoliating body scrub.

Hydrate with an aromatherapy soak.

Revitalize with a 60-minute Swedish massage.

120 minutes | $195



Dirty, Delighted and Divinely Detoxed

Detox in the comforting infrared sauna

Soak in a delicious blend of essential oils

Get Dirty in a divine mud wrap

Get Delightfully cleansed in Tuscany’s own Vichy shower

90 Minutes | $215