Body Treatments

Intensive Cellulite Treatment With GX-99

The GX-99 Endermatherapie Vibratory system uses gyratory vibration, percussion and its patented multiple-direction, stroking action for superlative body treatment results and benefits. Those include improved circulation, break-up and elimination of cellulite, firm body contours and reduced fat deposits connected with poor circulation. A rigorous anti-cellulite massage kneads and shapes bulging thighs and buttocks, leaving your body supple and smooth. A series of 5-10 treatments is recommended.

90 Minutes | $155

Packages starting at $600


Swedish Miracle Wrap

Contour your body, boost your metabolism, and diminish the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks while losing water weight and detoxing with the Swedish Miracle Wrap. Start with an exfoliating body scrub followed by a Swedish Myst and Miraclay Mask. Relax in a soothing sauna while these products work their magic on your body. The Vichy Shower washes away impurities and a slimming detox oil is massaged into your skin for maximum results. Lose those last few inches for that last-minute special event!

120 Minutes | $195


Herbal Detox Wrap

A delicious, herbal experience that detoxifies your entire body. Relax while you are cocooned in an aromatic infusion of allspice, lavender, calendula petals, clove, eucalyptus, ginger root and rosemary.

75 Minutes | $135


Lavender Goats Milk Hydrating Body Treatment

Lavish your skin with this ultra, nourishing blend of Lavender Buds, Grapeseed oil, Coconut oil, Argan oil, and Shea Crème and Goat’s milk. Start with an exfoliating dry brush treatment followed by a massage with Shea Crème and an application of Goat’s milk. You will relax into a nutrient and vitamin rich wrap. During your wrap, your feet will be exfoliated with Lavender buds and Grapeseed oil, leaving your body feeling rejuvenated and your skin feeling soft, supple, and smooth.

90 Minutes | $195